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      The fifth anniversary celebration of TIANCHENG LIGHTING CO., LTD. and the grand
      Time:2017-08-11 15:21:41 | view:

      In the last five years, under the leadership of the company Mr.Lin and Mr.Li, all employees struggle hard, going through hardships. In the fierce market competition, TIANCHENG in the same industry to stand out, become the industry leader! In order to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the company and housewarming, at 5 pm on December 30, 2016 at the company's industrial park to hold a grand celebration party!

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      In the most traditional culture in China, the lion is considered to be the mascot of exorcism.Lion dance lasts forever and is passed down from generation to generation. In today's special, please come to two auspicious lions to mean the prosperity. The higher the lion climbs and the higher the skill, the more the wealth it brings. This is also a symbol of TIANCHENG more and more successful and prosperous.

      Mr Lin, the general manager of the company, and Mr Li, deputy general manager, cut the ribbon for the fifth anniversary and the housewarming of TIANCHENG. Thanks for the warm applause.We remember the historic moment of TIANCHENG together. The glory of today is the foundation of tomorrow.The struggle now is the success of the future.

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