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      LIGHTING "close nature, enjoy the journey" songshanhu eco-tourism.
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      Tiancheng Lighting "close nature, enjoy the journey" songshanhu eco-tourism.



      Spring, the beautiful season of the recovery of everything.Tiancheng Lighting on March 12, the whole family experience the nature of the recovery in songshan lake, close to nature, feel nature in the outing for pleasure, promote friendship in a relaxed and happy activity, enjoy the journey, spent a happy day.


      At 8: 30 in the morning, the breeze is blowing gently. A tour bus full of company employees went to songshanhu. Songshan lake is a flower theme scenic spot, which is a collection of flowers and flowers from all over the world. Even the air smells of flowers.

      It's an hour's drive, we arrived at the Songshanhu, led by the guide to the rendezvous point. Looking at the scenery along the way, there was a lot of laughter and a lot of attention from the family.

      We are enthusiastic and participate in team development projects,such as planting, hand in hand to unlock ,we are the best team,and  rope skipping. The activities are very interesting, and we feel the trust and cooperation between the teams. At the same time, this expansion project activity brings us unlimited enjoyment and health and upward mental outlook!


      You are my dependence, I will give you a hug.

      We are a big family.




      We all work together, catch the chicken and catch the fish, pick up the firewood stove, cook the food ourselves.Using the limited ingredients, men cooked eight dishes, one soup and ten dishes, one soup for a hearty lunch. Everyone in PK cooking is also enjoying the pastoral fun.


      Who does the best cooking? You can find him in Tiancheng Lighting.


      Everyone ate their delicious food with relish.


      After lunch, we have carried out  leisure time, enjoy flower, peak climbing, horse riding, archery, rowing, CS field, fishing, board games, such as rich and colorful activities, in high spirits and enthusiasm.


      Happy time is always short. At sunset, the family took a group photo at the gate of songshanhu.


      The tour leaves a very deep impression on everyone. We spread the corporate culture to every scenic spot. Not only enrich the spare life of employees, enhance the communication between the departments cooperation, more let everybody harmonious and thus enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise, better to fully demonstrate the company's team spirit, let us with higher enthusiasm into the later work. Also let us work harder towards our goal!


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