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      What is the difference between 5050 lamp beads and 3030 lamp beads?
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      What is the difference between 5050 lamp beads and 3030 lamp beads?

      1, the package size is different:


      (1), 5050 refers to an LED lamp bead having a length of 5.0 * 5.0 mm.


      (2), 3030 refers to LED lamp beads of 3.0 * 3.0mm.


      2, the color is different:


      (1), 3030 lamp beads only belong to monochrome.


      (2), 5050 lamp beads can be two-color, one lamp two-color dual-use, mixed color.


      3, the power is different:


      (1), 3030 lamp beads is 0.2-1w.


      (2), 5050 lamp beads are routine still at 0.2W-0.5W.


      What is the difference between 5050 lamp beads and 3030 lamp beads?


      First, 5050RGB lamp beads are one of the LED lamp beads, 5050 is named product size, RGB refers to red light, green light, blue light three-base color.


      Second, 5050RGB lamp beads main features:


      1, low voltage drive, environmentally friendly energy saving.


      2, small size, easy installation.


      3, high brightness, large scattering angle, good consistency.


      Third, the EMC3030 is an innovative high-power LED product, which is the same as the EMC3014, which is a lamp bead built with the new material EMC.


      Fourth, the product is characterized by high-temperature resistance, long life, high anti-UV.


      V. Specific parameters:


      1, color temperature: 2870-3220k; 3985-4503k; 5665-6530K.


      2, referring to 70-75ra.


      3, light efficiency: 105-130LM / W.


      4, luminous flux: 90-100LM; 100-110LM; 110-120LM.


      Tiancheng 5050RGB lamp bead parameters,

      The parameters can be customized. For example, you have different brightness, different bands, different boots, which can be customized. I will give you a more typical parameter. Of course, the consultant is more accurate.


      1. [Product Name]: CREEE5050RGB Sick LED Light


      2. [Voltage]: 3.0-3.4V


      3. [Current]: 60mA


      4. [Power]: 0.2W


      5. [Brightness]: R: 400-500MCD, G: 1000-1500mcd, B: 300-400MCD


      6. [Band]: R: 620-625NM; G: 520-522.5 nm; B: 467.5-470NM


      7. [Expand]: NA


      8. [Life]:> 50,000 hours


      Main raw materials for products

      1. [Chip]: Coof / CREE chip


      2. [Wilt material]: Dhaobo pure gold line


      3. [Glue]: American Dao Corning


      4. [Fluorescent Powder]: American Internet


      5. [Bracket]: High-conducting hot copper bracket


      The main features and advantages of products

      1. High brightness: single LED patch lamp beads can be up to 1200-1500mcd


      2. Low Attenuation: The company adopts imported highest quality materials, plus advanced packaging processes, and the attenuation of products can be controlled within two thousandths.


      3. Mixed inconsistency


      4. Long life: Products use high-quality materials package, good heat dissipation effect, product life can be more than 50,000 hours.


      5. The highest cost performance: this product is the highest brightness, the quality is the best, but it is representative of high-end products, but the price is quite the medium-end product, which is the highest cost performance.


      6. The use of the brass bracket (the low-end lamp beads on the market is iron bracket), silver-plated layer 40, 99.99% pure gold wire welding


      The main application of products

      Stage lamp, indoor and outdoor decorative light strips, soft light bar, hard lamp strip, magic light strip, etc. If the effect is the same, it is the same to add IC controllers, but only the IC's need for an external IC controller on the board.


      What are the benefits of built-in IC controllers inside lamp beads?

      1. Each lamp is built into the SK6812 controller to achieve control of the pixel level.


      2, SK6812 package to the inside of the lamp to prevent the IC controller from being damaged


      3, the built-in SK6812 can avoid failure of the IC pin and the circuit board until the lamp strip is bent.


      4, the IC controller is built into the inside of the lamp beads to make the finished circuit board simpler, simple, thereby reducing the failure rate and improving reliability.


      5, reduce the volume of the finished product, making SK6812 lamp beads applications wider.


      6, more electrical performance, strong anti-interference strong.


      LED patch 5050 denotes a package size, what is the unit?

      5050LED package size: 5mm * 5mm * 1.6mm,


      The light intensity can reach 5500-6000mcd (pure white light, a slightly small light of warm light).


      His working voltage is like a normal LED, only 3.2-3.4V, the current is also 60mA.


      Since the volume of 5050 patch LEDs is relatively small, the workmanship is fine, so manual welding is not very convenient, but it is not to be welded, and its welding temperature should be controlled at 250 degrees, otherwise, it will burn more expensive 5050 patches LED.


      Since the 5050 patches LED parameters to determine that he must be a favorite LED, he often used in high-end civil energy-saving lamps, car dashboards, LED light strips, mobile backlight and buttons, instrument backlight and requirements small volume LED Product, LED backlight, switch and marker flat backlight, caller ID, flash, car, audio, indoor display, lighting market. Indicates that the appearance is 0.5mm * 0.5mm


      The actual size is 5.3mm * 5.0mm5050 refers to a size of 5.0mm * 5.0mm.


      3528 refers to the size of 3.5mm * 2.8mm, Shenzhen Yuan Lei Technology specializes in the production of LED lamp beads and has specifications and parameters to understand the official website. The plug-in is distinguished by shape, straw hat, patch; the patch is distinguished by size, such as 3528, 5050 denotes length and width, unit mm

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