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      Shenzhen Tiancheng Lighting Limited company to welcome you! National Service Hotline:4008-320-328
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      Contact us

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      SHENZHEN TIANCHENG LIGHTING CO.,LTD.                       

      Outdoor lighting led light source, the first brand


      TEL:0086-0755-29573599  / 0086-0755-29573979

      Fax: 0086-0755-29573533

      E-mail: tczm@tczmled.com   

      Add: No 33, Dongfang Road, Songgang Street, Bao' an District, Shenzhen City,518000,Guangdong Province,China

      Email: jiangeng@tczmled.com (Complaints and Cooperation)



      Domestic sales department   

      Name: Mr.Li Haorui         Mobile:(+86)13510794654          QQ:2851326116

      E-mail: lihr@tczmled.com

      International Sales Department
      Name:Summer Huang     Mobile phone: +86 18129969293 

      Wechat/Skype: +86 18129969293

      Email :summer@tczmled.com

      Name: Mr.Lin        Mobile:(+86)13570882691          QQ:2851326118

      E-mail: tczm@tczmled.com 

      Material purchasing department

      Name: Ms.Ni        Mobile:(+86)13509657167         QQ:2851326117

      E-mail: purchase@tczmled.com 



      HR department

      Name: Mr.Zhang        Mobile:(+86)15875525831      QQ:2851326101    E-mail: hr@tczmled.com 

      Zhongshan office                                                             

      Add:   No.21, 12 Building, Ruifeng Lighting Park,Ancient Town, Zhongshan City

      Name: Mr.Lin         Mobile:(+86)18129969286       QQ:2851326095

      East China office

      Add: No.1602, 11 Building, Taifujia Park,Zouqu Town,Zhonglou District,Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province,China

      Name: Mr.Xiao       Mobile: (+86) 18129969462    QQ: 3001048009

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