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      Shenzhen Tiancheng Lighting Limited company to welcome you! National Service Hotline:4008-320-328
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      Core strengths

      Core strengths

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      Productive power

      We have a modern factory area of 5000 square meters.

      There are 32 ASM full automatic production lines and monthly capacity of 350 million.

      We specializing in the production of LED 5050 lamp beads.

      We reach strategic partners with well-known brands, such as CREE, EPISTAR, SANAN and so on. At the same time, 

      we ensure the stability of raw materials supply and the advantages of high cost performance.



      Technical strength

      We have more than 20 r & d, quality engineers.

      There is an independent led packaging lab that high and low temperature shock test, anti - sulfuration experiment, 

      moisture proof experiment , experiment of automatic glues pouring reaction under constant temperature and humidity, LM - 80 standard,

       6000 H continuous light attenuation test, etc can be achieved.Products have received more than 20 patent applications.


      Quality assurance

      The company strictly according to ISO9001: 2008 quality management system operation.The white light color area strictly follows the " American Energy Star IES LM - 80 Standard" production. ?Several products have been tested by the American Energy Star IES LM - 80, 

      SGS, RoHS, EN 62471 and other professional certifications.






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