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      Shenzhen Tiancheng Lighting Limited company to welcome you! National Service Hotline:4008-320-328
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      Talent idea

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      Talents are the soul of the enterprise.TIANCHENG take talants as the greatest wealth.TIANCHENG always regard talents as the basic of enterprise's innovation, competition and development.At the same time, TIANCHENG also provide a platform for employees to play a talent and a broad space to show their talents.TIANCHENG can find talents, train talents, respect talents and develop talents.TIANCHENG cultivate and train a talent team with a sense of mission and responsibility in order to win the market leading, create the advantages and lead the value orientation.Supporting the realization of the strategic objectives is the continuous talent pursuit.


      Discovery of talented people

      TIANCHENG advocates that everyone is a talented person.So long as you agree with the approach of Tiancheng ,have professional spirit and professional quality, can create performance, you can become the talent of TIANCHENG. TIANCHENG effort to optimize the selection, cultivation, use, retention mechanism of talents.TIANCHENG emphasize performance - oriented use of talent, scientific evaluation and selection of talent, all-round multi-level training of talent, fully tap the potential of talent and do the best.


      Cultivation of talented people

      TIANCHENG not only pay attention to the introduction and re - cultivation of talents but also comprehensive technical training and business training to enhance the practical ability of employees at all levels.

      TIANCHENG effort to achieve the people - oriented, meritocracy, people do their best.


      TIANCHENG provide staff with two-way choice of development career path.Employees can do career planning according to their abilities and interests.For example, employees with management potential and ability walk the career path of the management line.Employees with devoting themselves to a certain profession, such as r & d, implementation, market, sales, consultation  walk the career path of professional line.Double ladder career development channel provides a broad space and platform for the career development of employees in TIANCHENG.



      Respect for talented people

      Tiancheng put the talent development in the strategic height. The greatest respect for employees is to constantly provide employees with opportunities to learn,to work,to challenge themselves.TIANCHENG follow the business philosophy" people - oriented, god rewards the diligent, respect for the humanistic spirit, improve employees's life".All business activities exist for employees to live better.

      ①TIANCHENG from the salary and welfare link to care for employees.

      The company provides the competitive wages and treatment in the same industry.Through the management of effective wages and treatment, the company maintains external, internal and personal fairness.The company mainly based on the value, ability and contribution of employees to determine the salary of employees in order to try their best and reap the rewards.

      ②The company cares about employees from life, emotion and growth.

      The company provides a working meal for employees free of charge.

      The company has paid social insurance according to the relevant regulations of the government, including pension, medical treatment, work injury, unemployment, maternity insurance and housing accumulation fund, etc.

      The company holds regular employee's birthday party every month.

      The company regularly conducts outstanding staff appraisal conferences, awards prizes and commemorative gifts.

      The company regularly organizes staff to participate in various activities every year, such as mountain climbing, outing, expansion, having a dinner and so on.


      Development of talented people

      The company advocates the sharing of business results, win-win concept.

      Creating  a win-win situation for individuals, companies, shareholders and society.We believe that TIANCHENG is to provide all kinds of excellent talents with a good development platform, growth environment, to create a broad space to display their talents and realize value.

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