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      3030Lamp beads

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        3030 LED light bead white light series 3V 6V

           Using Japanese raw material PCT material support, imported brand glue, High luminous effect, low light decay

          The color is strictly according to the European ERP standard, the color tolerance is < 4, the color is consistent





        Economical 3030 led light bead white light 3V                       Economical 3030 led light bead white light 6V



           【EPISTAR 】High light effect,120-130lm,RA80,3V          【EPISTAR 】High light effect,120-130lm,RA80,6V              





        3030 LED light bead monochromatic series 3V 6V

                Adopt Japanese raw material PCT material support, import brand glue, moisture-proof effect is good

                With the original factory brand chip package, full power chip, low light failure, high brightness, the color is consistent.





                      led red light bead                         led blue light bead                     led green light bead                   led golden light bead









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