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      5050Lamp beads

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       5050 LED light beads of white light series

         The color temperature can be produced from 1600-50000k, and the regular color temperature has the bulk inventory.

         The color is strictly according to the European ERP standard, the color tolerance is < 4, the color is consistent.



          【Platinum】Economical,22-24lm RA80  King kong】Cost-effective,22-24lm RA80   Diamond 】High-end,22-24lm RA80



          ●   5050 LED light beads of RGB series

               Power 0.2w - 1.5w ,color mixing uniformity is good, red light adopts two-line mode to improve product quality;

               PPA adopts the Japanese raw material + exclusive technology, the moisture-proof effect

               is leading the manufacturer, the moisture-proof grade MSL2a




               【Platinum】Cost-effective,5050RGB              King kong】High quality, high stability,RGB     Diamond 】High-end Special for outdoor projects






        ●   5050 led light bead monochromatic light series




                led blue light bead                       led green light bea                         led red light bead                       led yellow light bead









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