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      Shenzhen Tiancheng Lighting Limited company to welcome you! National Service Hotline:4008-320-328
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      About Us

      Corporate culture

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      ◆Our vision: Strive to be the first brand of LED outdoor light source.

      ◆Our mission: Focus on the lighting of city and endow the city with a more bright night sky.

      ◆Our goal:Focus on the lighting of colorful world of cities and offer real chips

      ◆Our value: Earnestness, high efficiency, development,responsibility.

      ◆Our guidelines: Customer satisfaction, Shareholder value, Self actualization, social responsibility.

      ◆Our faith: The value of TIANCHENG lies not in the present, but in the lasting contribution.

      ◆Our Management: Management is a serious love that leads to goals and results.


       Our core culture is: army + school + family

      For example, the army's answer is"yes, to complete the task".

      Tiancheng is our army's official designation and the team honor is supreme,so we must use the life to work.

      We have iron discipline, tough will, relentless pursuit.

      We regard obedience as virtue; We are honest, grateful and responsible;

      We are strong in action and perfect in execution because we will not make excuses for ourselves.

      For example, the school's target is"everything makes way for learning".

      Tiancheng is a school and every successful man is our teacher.We have a unique understanding that learning is boundless.

      In educating people, we emphasize the moral character, spiritual pursuit, emphasizing good breeding, thinking habits and behavior norms;

      We are a knowledge-based, professional team dedicated to the transformation of high and new technology into social value research.

      We have heart-to-heart communication and our heart is selfless; 

      We set our own example and action plays a role model.  

      We learn other's strong points each other and study hard;

      We learn to help each other and transmit wisdom.

      We are smart, professional, and committed to excellence.

      We use what we have learned to innovate and create value.

      Family——We help each other

      Tiancheng is a warm family.The company, customers and suppliers are our family.We grow, share and develop together.

      The family is sincere to each other, use "heart" to work, use "heart" service, use "heart" feeling;

      The family will embrace with the heart of Thanksgiving, will take the introspection first to face the mistake 

      The family will support each other to create a brilliant future, and will actively share the win-win situation.

      We care and encourage each other.

      The family is harmonious, relaxed and joyful.





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